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I am Nafiseh. I prefer to produce nutritious home-cooked cuisine with less salt, oil, and canning. I love making cakes and testing new recipes. At first, I baked online recipes.

About 4 years ago, I took a cake and pastry course. Then I decided to share my culinary and baking knowledge.

I’m accustomed to telling friends and family about the new delicacies and cakes I cook. In June 2021, I started AloRecipes.com, inviting you to discuss my recipes. I’m pretty excited about this.

Mom’s story

Many days, my mom would ask me what to make. Daily, she worried about having to cook for us and that we don’t like repetitious meals. Since I’m the only girl in our family, my mother asks me this.

Occasionally, against my desire, I had to prepare lunch or dinner instead of my mother, and I would wonder what to cook with the ingredients we had at home.

I had a cooking blog before AloRecipes. I wanted a tool for moms to choose ingredients and receive a meal idea. The conditions for this project were not ready until I released AloRecipes with Recipe Finder.

My purpose is to help moms cook with the ingredients they have.
This tool helps other persons, like:

  • New cooks.
  • For working folks with limited time.
  • And those that need a quick food.

The AloRecipes website has two sections: Recipes and Recipe Finders. The site has a blog where I share my recipes, and a recipe finder to help you cook.

Features of Alorecipes recipes:

In the blog, I present regular and proven recipes. These recipes have been tried numerous times, so I’m convinced of the ended output.

I publish recipes for cakes, main meals, different cultures and nations, sweets and snacks, and nutritious, home-cooked meals at AloRecipes. I provide audiences with step-by-step instructions.

The Features of the given recipes on the website are:

  • Product quality: The recipes are standard and have been tested many times. The end output will be satisfactory.
  • Visual steps: Images describe how to prepare a recipe visually so you can make it.
  • Available ingredients: I don’t utilize rare or hard-to-find ingredients in my recipes. Instead, I use ingredients that can be found in every household easily.

Features of AloRecipes Recipe Finder Tools:

The site now supports a search for both main dishes and desserts. A visitor can use the tools like a search engine to locate a recipe with the ingredients they already have on hand.

For quick access to delicious meal ideas, try out the Recipe Finder. One more Dessert Recipe Finder tool helps you identify dessert recipes using what you already have in your house.

You no longer need to sift through many food blogs and websites; all the resources you need are here on AloRecipes. There are hundreds of recipes included in the search engine’s database. Provides the best recipes to use whatever ingredients you have available.

Who writes the recipes for the AloRecipes blog?

I write this blog’s recipes. I have finished bread and pastry courses. Because of my passion for baking cakes and making food, I try out various recipes.

The recipes I post here are compiled from the courses I’ve attended. Some were also gathered from the internet and social media. My friends also sent me some of these recipes.

I upload these recipes on this blog after making sure of their accuracy and trying them out a few times.

Check out my site, where you can find helpful resources like recipes and tools. I eagerly anticipate hearing from you with questions, thoughts, and suggestions.

You can contact me via email: [email protected]. I’d be glad to hear from you!


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