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Topik Recipe : A Traditional Armenian Dish

Topik, or Topig, is a traditional Armenian appetizer or snack often served during ceremonies and weddings. Not only is it easy to make, but also you can prepare it ahead for your ceremonies, especially when you have no time to overheat food. If you are interested in preparing this snack for your ceremony, you are in the right place. This post…

The Recipe of Koupepia Dolma

Koupepia, also known as dolmades, is a traditional Greek dish that you can find in many nations, such as Iran, Turkey, and more. Making this food is time-consuming because of rolling leaves one by one. This post will explore the comprehensive recipe for Koupepia, allowing you to make this delicious dish in your home. How to make

Recipe Of Baslogh: A Persian Walnut Pastry Swirl

Baslogh, a traditional Persian sweet, is a delicious dessert that it’s recipe is simple and delicious to taste. This sweet can be found in different cities in Iran, and it is one of the options for purchasing a souvenir. Before Nowruz, Baslogh is made for Chaharshanbe suri ceremony. Traditionally made ones are white to yellow, but now different…

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Date molasses cake (cake with date syrup)

If you are thinking of switching to a sugar-free diet, don't lose hope. You can still satisfy your sweet tooth with our date molasses cake recipe that tastes great. A lovely, delicious cake that has a flawless and puffy texture like the…

Healthy date and walnut loaf

Date and walnut cake is one of the most delicious and healthful sweet treats in the world. Hailed for its nutritional value, date and walnut cake is a perennial favorite breakfast or snack that will leave you feeling energized. Healthy…

Russian cake with condensed milk

The Russian cake with condensed milk is a delicious layered cake with a distinct appearance from other cakes. In truth, it's a pretty good and a little bit bizarre cake. In the recipe for this cake, a beautiful buttercream is used to bond…


How to make Bone Broth Fat + applications

Beef bones, by which I mean meaty bones of beef knuckles and shanks, are of the most delicious and affordable parts of beef. A savory and nutritious extract is obtained from beef bones, used as a base to flavor foods. Foods prepared with…

Date molasses recipe or Date syrup

Date molasses or date syrup is a natural sweetener. It is very nutritious and I advise it if you are planning to cut out sugar. It is perfect for breakfast and snack with toast bread and provides daily energy. What is date syrup or…

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