Simple zebra cake recipe

Zebra cake is a dazzling dessert that, once sliced, reveals a sumptuous dessert design. Cool as a zebra, this cake’s hidden stripes emerge only after you take a knife to it. This treat may seem complicated at first glance, but it’s actually a cinch to make.

Making the zebra cake’s dough is pretty simple since it’s just like making any other type of cake. The only challenging part of it is pouring the cake’s batter into the pan in a clean pattern to form the zebra’s stripes.

In this recipe, I am going to share an easy trick with you that allows anyone to bake an impressive yet simple zebra cake.

This zebra cake recipe makes for a puffy, soft treat. We beat the eggs with sugar and double the volume of the mixture. This means you can use less baking powder in the cake. We only add 2 teaspoons to it. Zebra cake recipe ingredients are common kitchen staples and can be found at almost any home.

how to pour zebra cake batter into the pan?

After the batter is ready, divide it into two equal parts. Add 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder to one half and 2 tablespoons of flour to the other half. This is so that the concentrations of batter in each color will be the same.

To make a cake with a zebra design, first pour some white batter into the center of a cake pan. Then pour some cocoa batter in the middle of the white batter. Repeat this pattern until all the batter has been used.

You can pour the batter into the pan using either a spoon or a cookie scoop. Alternatively, you can pour it directly into the pan using the same bowl. The piping bag method also works for pouring the batter; Cut the tip off a plastic piping bag to use as an alternative pouring device.

How to make simple zebra cake?

How zebra cakes look depends on how many white and cocoa batter stripes you make. You can make as many as 10 but to get a simple zebra cake, 4 steps of white and 4 of cocoa is enough. However, it’s not a proper zebra cake unless you have at least four stripes.

zebra cake with 10 steps of pouring batter

This is the trick I mentioned. You can have a beautiful, yummy zebra cake with just 4 steps of pouring batter. Also, you should know that the more steps you use, the more crowded and well-decorated your cake will be. So, don’t be lazy.

Ingredients of zebra cake:

Ingredients of zebra cake

Simple zebra cake recipe

Prep Time25 mins
Cook Time50 mins
Servings: 7 people


  • 2 ½ Flour + 2 tbsp of extra flour
  • 1 ½ cup Sugar
  • 1 cup Milk
  • 1 cup Oil
  • 3 Eggs large
  • 2 tsp Baking powder
  • 2 tbsp Cocoa powder
  • ¼ tsp Vanilla essense


  • Grease a 23-centimeter round cake pan and line with bakery paper. Greasing the edges of the pan is unnecessary.
  • Preheat the oven for 15 minutes at 180 degrees.
  • Sift the flour and baking powder together 3 times to ensure that the flour particles are well-separated and light.
  • Beat the eggs, sugar, and vanilla with a mixer. Stir them for about 4 o 5 minutes until they double in volume.
    Beat the eggs, sugar, and vanilla
  • Reduce the speed of the mixer and add liquid oil. Do not pour the oil into the middle of the dish. Rather, add it from the corners of the dish.
    add liquid oil
  • Add milk and stir the mixture until combined. Do not over-mix. Then turn off the mixer and set it aside.
  • Using the sifter, gradually add the flour in 2 to 3 batches, and stir it with a silicone spatula or whisk to combine.
  • Divide the cake batter into 2 equal portions, add 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder to one part and 2 tablespoons of flour to the other part.
    Divide the cake batter into 2 equal portions
  • Working from the center of the dish, pour some white batter into the cake pan first, then some cocoa batter over that. To achieve a zebra cake pattern, alternate between white and cocoa batters until all the batter has been used. For a simple zebra cake, we said that alternating 4 layers of white and cocoa batter is sufficient.
  • Finally, to make your cake more attractive, pour cocoa batter in the middle of the cake.
  • Bake the cake at 180 degrees for 50 to 60 minutes, until you can pierce its center with a toothpick, and it comes out clean.


  • Use 2 full tablespoons of cocoa powder and 2 full tablespoons of flour.
  • The dough of the cake needs to be neither too loose nor too stiff. Be especially careful if the white batter in your recipe is too loose, as this may mean the amount of ingredients was probably not very accurate. This could be because the eggs are small or because there was too much liquid added to the recipe.
  • To halve the ingredients for zebra cake, reduce all of the ingredients by half. Use 2 eggs instead of 3.


Zebra cake arouses our wildest culinary fantasies. With the elegant stripes of a zebra, this cake will excite you and delight every taste. Here we have a straightforward and simple zebra cake recipe, and by reading it, you will probably gain the confidence to make a zebra cake without anxiety. It’s not a fad, but a creative recipe that highlights the appeal of the zebra cake.

My trick for a beautiful and easy zebra cake is to alternate 4 layers of cocoa and white batter. I suggest you try this trick at home. I hope you enjoy the lovely aroma, taste, and design of this recipe, and I would be grateful to know your thoughts on this recipe in the comment section.

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