8 recipes with chickpeas and rice

I’m here to introduce you to something new. If your cholesterol is off the charts or you’re into veggies or poultry, cooked by olive oil, these creative and easy recipes are perfect for you.

These recipes are adopted from eastern recipes. A mix of rice and fragrant and aromatic veggies are a perfect match which you should try! And on the top of that, adding some eastern spices would drive you insane.

Fresh and scented spice with fresh and juicy veggies would be a perfect match. We go and inspect each recipe separately and see which one you might like the most. Cooked rice is a main part of these foods.

You might not know, but rice is a main body of eastern food. Eastern people are obsessed with rice. And in my opinion, cooked rice is the main reason if eastern food’s uniqueness. You might not recognize, but some recipes are from middle-east too.

Indian foods take so long to cook. But we tried to simplify them so you could cook in a shortest possible time.

We have quick chickpea biryani, Mediterranean stuffed peppers, Moroccan chickpea rice salad, Mediterranean rice salad, teriyaki chickpea sushi, one pot lemon with chicken with chickpeas and rice, Moroccan chicken thighs with chickpeas and raisins, and in the end, tomato chicken curry.

Cooking chickpeas is simple, there is only one trick you must know. If you want to cook chickpeas flawless, see my post: How to cook chickpeas on stove. Enough with the talking, let’s go!

Quick Chickpea Biryani

1. Vegetarian Biryani

The first one we want to talk about, is quick chickpea biryani.

This one hails from India. A perfect quick easy meal for weeknights! The gluten-free recipes and perfect for your time and body! It only takes 15 minutes to get ready.

Although this one is not out there too much as an Indian food, but does not make it any less perfect. This version is totally meatless and great for your off-the-limits cholesterol; Including fragrant spices.

For this relishable meal, you just need some fresh veggies, basmati rice, fragrant Indian spices and chickpeas. But besides, if you want something more Indian-style, chicken biryani is more suitable for you. Click the button below for more information!

Although you can use chickpeas in other dishes such as noodle salad, I recommend you see the recipe for curry noodle salad with mayonnaise.

Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers

2. Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers

The second one we promised to inspect is Mediterranean stuffed peppers. Hey! Don’t miss it. This is a creative and good-looking dish. Like the first one, it’s meatless and spicy. It’s devourable, and won’t leave you hungry at all! If you’re interested in that, follow me on the rout.

There is a reason I call it creative; it’s because you can stuff those bell peppers with anything you like. And if you choose bell peppers with different colors, you will have a vivid and colorful dish. You could look at that forever.

The herbs and spices used in this dish are originally Mediterranean. And the feta cheese is honing to give it a relishable look.

If you choose the stuffed ingredients wisely, you can have a healthier and tastier dish. So adding to or eliminating some of the stuffed ingredients we suggested, is up to you. You can choose depending on your diet. Cooking this meal may take more than an hour, but trust me, it’s worth it.

moroccan chickpea rice salad

3. Moroccan Chickpea Rice Salad

That’s right! The third one we’re going to introduce is Moroccan chickpea rice salad. We figured you might devour some sort of salad after having actual dishes.

This one is simple to make and tastes great! You can carry on picnics or even work.  It might not be something you want to cook for sitting or guests. If you often get hungry between meals, it’s a perfect choice for you.

It’s simple, healthy, tasty and nutritionally dense. Like most of eastern food, this one contains rice. You might assume rice is a high-profile calorie ingredient.

It’s true somehow but the important thing you must know of is that rice contain very nutritional and it’s calorie is less than bread in the same amount. I’m confident that most of you, caring about your diets, are curious about its recipe. For more, follow the link below and find out!

Mediterranean Rice Salad

4. Mediterranean Rice Salad

OK! The forth is Mediterranean rice salad. So obsessed with Mediterranean and salad! So we decided to have some Mediterranean rice salad.

Don’t worry! We’re sticking with rice till the end! You could actually have two versions of this: winter version and summer version. In the winter, use brown rice (to make it even healthier) with hothouse cucumbers and jarred roasted red bell peppers.

In the summer, use fresh summer cucumbers, red bell peppers and white rice to make it a little lighter.

But remember! It’s all up to you! If you are short of some ingredients, you can always have the canned version of those but the key to have a fresh tasty salad is having fresh ingredients. And beside the taste, the scent would drive you crazy and the color of your dish will make your eyes spark.

This dish contains lots of fibers and is great for your digestive system. You can make this amazing dish by following the link below.

Teriyaki chickpea sushi

5. Teriyaki chickpea sushi

Welcome to our vegetarian sushi! Teriyaki chickpea sushi! As you know, sushi belongs to Japan and has many fans all across the world. It’s so popular and you can find sushi all over the world.

Sushi is originally made of raw ingredients. But we want to offer sushi with cooked stuff and vegetarian protein. Sushi like all Japanese food doesn’t contain many spice( mostly no spice).

But the fragrant scent of rice (you can have some Thai rice) is absolutely amazing. The dish is super healthy and if you’re on a firm diet, you must have low-fat mayo(which taste the same actually).

This dish is so tiny and delicious. Great for picnics and can be easily packed. It’s served cold so you don’t need to worry about heating. Let’s follow the link below to see what’s going on.

One Pot Lemon Chicken with Rice and Chickpeas

6. One Pot Lemon Chicken with Rice and Chickpeas

So this is one pot lemon with chicken with chickpeas and rice! The delicious and long-titled-one. Great for dinner. This one is so creative and is kind of a new revolution! It’s full of different spices!

You can collect your favorite spices. Anything you like! And the sour taste of lemon is going to empower the spices. So the creativity depends on your taste. And of course, it contains rice!

The dish is full of protein. Great for your health. And you might not know that rice (especially brown rice) is a bomb of nutrition, great for your skin and hair. So choose wisely.

It’s a simple dish that you can prepare in 35 minutes. Simple but tasteful!


7.Moroccan chicken thighs with chickpeas and raisins

A great stew served by rice. Of course! As you assume, this dish contains many spices that you would LOVE. This dish looks a bit like middle-eastern dishes. Stews are very popular in middle-east.

This dish contains mild spices and adding raisings would even make it milder. It contains different kind of ingredient of different categories. So it’s a perfect and complete meal.

It’s sort of a curry. Curries have a big family. Mostly severed by rice but the stews are absolutely creative. If you like poultry with mild but absolutely fragrant spices, try this one! You won’t regret following the link below.

Tomato & chickpea curry

8. Tomato & chickpea curry

The last but not least: tomato chicken curry. We promised more rice so it is. As we mentioned earlier, curries are served by rice. You can have any kind of rice. Although we suggest brown rice. It’s extremely healthy. It approximately takes 45 minutes to prepare. It has an easy process so stick with us.

This recipe is full if fibers and contains low calorie. So it’s absolutely great if you care for your shape. As a part of spices, it includes the famous garam masala.

The coconut milk would give it a mild and sweet flavor but it’s absolutely your choice to use any kind of milk instead. In my opinion it would be better if you don’t use much of garlic. The amount in the recipe is perfect.

Too much of garlic would change it’s perfect amount. And as you know, the biggest secret key is always fresh ingredients. If you have enough time, you can fry chicken with little olive oil on a low heat. It’d be healthier and tastier.

That way, you can have the chicken’s fat do its job. Follow the recipe down to have the best curry in the world!


We gathered 8 different and creative recipes for all different tastes in the world. The adopted eastern recipes would definitely adore you. Chicken and chickpeas served by rice would be a perfect and unique match.

If you’re tired of your diet, this would make a large leap in your diet. Proteins are digested so late so you wouldn’t get hungry soon after you meal. It’d reduce your portions of snack. It would help you stay in shape and have a better digestion.

Lack of fiber in your diet would cause digestive system cancer. OK! Enough with the talking. Let us know what you think and share your precious experience with us. If you have any suggestion or critics, please let us know. That’s for time and effort.

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