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Alo Recipe Finder is a search engine focusing on food recipes; enter the ingredients you already have at home. After that, we will tell you what varieties of foods you can make using those ingredients.
We offer tasty ideas for your meals, including lunch and supper.

How It Works?

Choose The Ingredients

Select Ingredients

Choose the ingridients you have at home. You can use the search bar or browse the categories. In the "my pantries" area , you may manage them.

Click On Find-Recipe Button

Click Find Recipes

Click The find recipes button and complete... Test the "Recipes contain only selected ingredients" option.

Get The Best Fit Recipes!

Get The Recipes!

Based on the ingredients, get a recipe and enjoy.

A suggestion for the meal of today that could help you out in the cooking!

The Recipe Maker tool will save you a lot of time. Consider taking a peek at our Recipe Finders rather than rummaging through the refrigerator and cabinets or pondering what you should do. It just requires a scroll and the click of a button to finish.

Currently, we have two Recipe Finder tools: one for main meals and one for desserts. Each one is prepared to assist and serve you if specific conditions are met.

It doesn't matter whether you're a housewife, a student, or employed; whether you're an experienced chef or just starting, these tools can be the answer to all of your problems. You can get more information by watching the demo video.

Put in ingredients and get a recipe

Select the ingredients you already possess from our list. You can search for the ingredients by typing their names into the tool or browsing through the list to discover them. The tool will search for recipes depending on the ingredients you provide. You select the ingredients, and AloRecipes, a recipe finder by ingredients, gives you the appropriate recipes.

  • Give me some suggestions for lunch today.
  • How can I use my refrigerator ingredients?
  • Which websites provide reputable meal recipe services?

ALO Recipe maker is a free tool. This tool may help you develop a great strategy quickly by determining which recipe will work best with the ingredients you have on hand. Then get up quickly and start working.

It is strongly suggested that the following individuals make use of this tool:

  • Housewives
  • People who have no idea what they should prepare in the kitchen.
  • People who desire to reduce the amount of time spent cooking meals.
  • Individuals who are seeking particular ideas to use with specific components.

The ALO recipe generator comes highly recommended to everyone who wants to get into the kitchen and cook.

Choose the ingredients you have at home

Choose the ingredients you have at home

Search or ingredients feature

My pantries to check selected ingredinets

Click the Find Recipes button

Click the Find Recipes button

Get the recipes and enjoy

Get the recipes and enjoy

The most extraordinary recipes (+200 Recipes) from the most trusted food sites

Our Recipe Finder, chooses recipes (About 200 recipes) from only the most trusted food-related websites. In this manner, we consider well-known and respected websites in this sector.
After that, we choose the greatest recipes for them.

  • The number of stars a recipe has is a good indicator of its popularity.
  • Recipes using ingredients present in most households capture our notice.
  • We try to provide not only the recipes for the most popular dishes throughout the globe but also a wide variety of recipes from around the world, all in one convenient location.

How to work with the Recipe Finder tool?

In the tool, we have separated the ingredients into categories on the left side. Choose the category you're interested in, and then choose the ingredients you have on hand from the list. Scroll down to see all of items.

When you pick an ingredient, a number will appear next to the category to which it belongs. In this manner, you can quickly count how many ingredients you've selected.

If you choose "My pantries," you can simultaneously see and control all of your chosen pantries. You will be enabled to deselect any chosen pantries by clicking on the pantry's name.

You can have the option to remove all of the chosen items simultaneously by using the delete button. After you have determined that you have appropriately selected all of the ingredients in the kitchen, the process will be finished.

Choose the Find Recipes button to be presented with a selection of culinary recipes that make the best use of the ingredients you have available. Pick the recipe that best suits your needs. To read the full recipe, please go to the website.

Before clicking the find button, you can check the "Recipes contain only selected ingredients" option. This feature causes that if you have selected meat and onion for example, recipes that are made with only these 2 ingredients will be displayed.

The feature Recipes contain only selected ingredients

How can I obtain the most outstanding results from a search in Recipe Finder?

On Alo, searching can be done in one of two ways:

  1. Select all of the ingredients you have available. Even on the onion!
  2. You can choose from the primary ingerdients in your hands, such as meat.

Use each method to discover what you need. The more ingredients you pick, the more recipes our Recipe Finder will give.

Quick ingredient search feature

Finding the ingredients has been made easier for you. You can search for a specific ingredient by name in the box labeled "search for ingredients" rather than navigating through the pantries.

Don't forget that we have a separate tool called Dessert Recipe Finder by ingredients, where we have compiled all the dessert recipes. We strongly recommend looking at it if you are searching for a recipe for a delicious dessert suitable for both children and guests.

How many recipes do we have of each ingredient?

We have hundreds of recipes, from different ingredients. In this table, see how many recipes of each essential ingredient be in the tool.

Ingredient's name The number of recipes
Ground Beef 10
Chicken 17
Beef 16
Lamb 9
Ingredient's name The number of recipes
Fish & Sea food 8
Pork 9
Turkey 15
Sausage 7