Recipe Of Baslogh: A Persian Walnut Pastry Swirl

Baslogh, a traditional Persian sweet, is a delicious dessert that it’s recipe is simple and delicious to taste.

This sweet can be found in different cities in Iran, and it is one of the options for purchasing a souvenir.

Before Nowruz, Baslogh is made for Chaharshanbe suri ceremony. Traditionally made ones are white to yellow, but now different colors are available in markets.

Suppose you want to make it and need to know how you are in the right place. By reading this article, you can learn about making Baslogh.

Most important tips to have a good baslogh

An important tip to making baslogh is stirring.

  1. Adjust the heat to a low degree: If you increase the heat, it is more likely that your Baslogh does not taste sweet because the raw starch taste will be incorporated into its taste and will not disappear.
  2. Constant stirring: Keep stirring the mixture continuously while it’s cooking to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the pan and to ensure even cooking.
  3. Patience with thickening: The process of thickening the content is time-consuming, So don’t rush this step, as the consistency of the mixture is crucial to the reach the pleasing final texture of the Baslogh.

Nutritional benefits of Baslogh

Baslogh, as a dessert r Persian pastry swirl, has some nutritional benefits because of the presence of walnut, such as:

It contains particularly omega-3 fatty acids and alpha-linolenic acid. They can improve heart health and prevent blood clots.

They also contain significant amounts of fiber and antioxidants, which aids in digestion and protect overall health.

Final words

Baslogh, or Persian Walnut Pastry Swirl, is a dessert that originated in Iran.

The ingredients of this delicious sweet are simple, but it needs some patience to reach its delicious and sweet taste.

We hope by reading the recipe of Baslogh make the tastier one you have ever eaten and show off your talent to your guests.

Have you tried making Baslogh in a different color? Which color was it? And what was the taste like?

Please share your unique experience with us in the comment section.

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