15 Persian Dishes With Ground Beef

I wanna talk about Persian foods that contain ground beef. In this post, I introduce 15 Iranian recipes with ground beef that are famous and common in Iran.

These Persian recipes that I brought in this post do not require special ingredients. So wherever you are in the globe, you can get up and cook one of them today.

These Iranian dishes have a wonderful flavor and aroma, especially if served with the side dishes I have mentioned in their description. For example, Kalam Polo Shirazi is perfect next to Shirazi Salad, and Pan Kebabs (Kabab tabei) are great next to cooked tomatoes.

1. Koufteh Ghelgheli Or Persian Meatballs

There are various models of meatballs in Iran, such as Koofeh Ghelgheli , Koofteh Tabrizi , Koofteh Berenji (Rice Meatballs), Koofteh Kale Gonjeshki, and Tarragon-savory meatballs.

This model of Koofeh is made with ground meat and onions. Each of them is about the size of a palm. Get the recipe and more information in the below link.

Sometimes plums or walnuts are also placed inside the meatballs.
These meatballs are cooked in tomato sauce and served with rice.


2. Zereshk Polo Ba Koofteh

Zereshk Polo Ba Koofteh Or Barberry Rice With Iranian Meatballs is an easy recipe. It’s a good choice for a meal with ground beef. You need just ground beef and onion! a little spices and salt.

These tiny meatballs are the size of the phalange. In Iran, it is served with steamed rice. It is very delicious with barberry, raisins, walnuts, and some saffron.

in the beginning mix the meat with grated onion. Then make the meatballs in your hands and fry them in the oil. in the end, put them on rice to steam with it. Read the full recipe in link below

Adas Polo Persian Rice And Lentils

3. Adas Polo - Persian Rice With Lentils

Lentil Pilaf or Adas Polo is one of the traditional and popular Iranian dishes. Lentils are cooked. Then the rice is steamed with lentils and ground meat. Minced beef, veal or lamb can be used in this meal.

The meat in this dish is prepared in two ways:

  1. Minced meat is fried with onions.
  2. Make minced meat into small meatballs.
Lubia Polo Persian Green Bean Rice

4. Lubia Polo (Persian Green Bean Rice)

Green Bean Pilaf is made with green beans, minced meat, onions, rice, and some other ingredients.

Very popular in Iran, baked beans with rice and meat is a great combination.
You can make it with red meat or chicken.

Persian kotlet meat cutlets

5. Kotlet (Persian Meat Patties)

Cutlet is made from minced meat, grated potato, egg, and grated onion. After the dough is ready, the cutlets are fried in oil.

It has a wonderful and appetizing aroma. Served with rice or bread. It is perfect with cooked tomatoes and fresh vegetables.

Kabab Koobideh lula kebab

6. kabab koobideh (Persian Ground Beef Kabob)

Here is a good great famous dish in Iran, Koobideh has a fantastic aroma and fine taste.
When this kebab is being grilled, you can skewer some tomatoes and serve them with kebab.

The kebab should be cooked on a low fire, Best result is in the charcoal on grill.

Kabab tabei pan kebab with ground beef

7. Kabab Tabei (Persian Pan Kebab)

Kabab Tabei or Kabab Digi is a popular and very famous Iranian homemade kebab. In addition to the fact that we can use it as a simple dish for dinner or lunch, we can also use it as a lovely party dish.

It is fried and cooked in a pan. Due to its ease of preparation, this dish has many lovers.

Koofteh Tabrizi

8. Koofteh Tabrizi (Tabriz Meatballs)

Tabrizi meatball is one of the traditional and very old Iranian dishes, whose origin belongs to the city of Tabriz.

The difference between Tabrizi meatballs and number 1 Koofteh Ghelgheli is that Tabrizi meatballs include cobs and cooked rice.

Also, some people put a boiled egg along with some walnuts, blackberries, and plums in the middle of them.

Kalam Polo Shirazi

9. Kalam Polo Shirazi

Cabbage is used in Shirazi Cabbage Pilaf. Ground meat will be turned into small meatballs and cooked together with rice and herbs.

Special herbs for Kalam Polo Shirazi are the combination of dill, Fresh Chives, basil, and tarragon. In such a way that the amounts of chives and basil should be equal. The amount of dill should be less than chives and basil, and tarragon should be used only for flavoring, because tarragon will make the food bitter if there is too much.

Morasa Polo With Ground Beef

10. Morasa Polo (Persian Jewelled Rice)

Morasa Polo is an elegant and charming dish, with attractive colors of carrot, barberry, saffron, and the good taste of small meatballs along with almonds, pistachio slices, and raisins.

Morsa Polo is cooked with both chicken breast and ground beef. This dish has so many attractive colors that it has been called a jewel rice (Javaher Neshan) and is a stylish dish for parties.

Dolmeh Barge Mo Persian Stuffed Grape Leaves

11. Dolmeh Barge Mo (Persian Stuffed Grape Leaves)

Dolmeh Barge-Moo is also one of the dishes that can be made with minced meat. This food is famous in all the cities of Iran and everyone knows it.

The ingredients inside the dolma include: minced meat with onions, rice, and cobs. The ingredients are wrapped in grape leaves and placed on the heat to cook.

Makaroni Iranian spaghetti with tahdig

12. Makaroni Ba Tahdig (Persian Style Spaghetti With Ground Beef)

Spaghetti is cooked in different ways all over the world. But in Iran, it is usually cooked with potato tahdig or bread tahdig, which is really amazing.

In Iran, after the ground meat is prepared with onion and tomato paste, the pasta is half-cooked in boiling water for a few minutes. Then bread or potatoes are placed at the bottom of a pot. Half-cooked pasta with meat steamed in it.

Ghanbar Polo

13. Ghanbar Polo

Its name may seem a little strange, but it is a very delicious meal. Walnuts, pomegranate paste, and fried onions are used in it. Carrots and raisins are also poured.

Bademjan Shekam Por Stuffed Eggplant with Beef Mince

14. Bademjan Shekam Por (Stuffed Eggplant with Beef Mince)

Stuffed eggplant is also a simple Iranian dish with minced meat. It is very tasty, especially if you are an eggplant lover. It is enough to first tear the eggplants a little. Prepare the internal components and pour them into the belly of the eggplants.

Some confuse it with Dolmeh Bademjan (Eggplant Dolma). But I must say that these two are different. The Dolmeh contains cod and rice, while only minced meat is poured into stuffed eggplant.

Karafs Polo Persian Celery Rice

15. Karafs Polo (Persian Celery With Rice)

Karafs Polo (Persian Celery rice) is one of the types of delicious and healthy Iranian food that is prepared with various stuff. Celery pilaf is a food that has few calories, and for this reason, its consumption causes fat burning and increases the body’s metabolism.

We can make celery pilaf like bean pilaf according to our taste with minced meat, pieces of meat, and chicken.

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